June 1, 2022:  

Important Announcement! The iSolved Go mobile app will no longer be available effective June 30th, 2022. If your employees use the iSolved Go mobile app, you have received communication from FlexChecks on the sunsetting of the application.   Introduced in 2020, employees will now be required to  use the iSolved Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) to clock in and out, view their pay stubs, view or edit their personal, tax, and direct deposit information, and much more.  Below you will find support materials to assist you during this transition, including how employees can download the new platform on their mobile device or their PC, how to login, how to clock in and out, and how to navigate the new site.  Please contact your Client Care Team Leader (CCTL) if you have any questions.

1. How to Download the iSolved AEE

Here are two quick help videos that show how employees can log in on their phone and save the app to their device. Feel free to use these to train your staff.
In addition, here is the QR code you can provide to your employees that will bring them directly to the new website on their phone.

2. How to Log In

Once the app is installed following the steps above, employees will use their existing ESS credentials to log into the iSolved AEE. If they do not remember their password, they can use the Forgot Password function to reset it.

Using the AEE (Help Resources)

After employees have successfully saved the app to their devices and logged in, the final step is to train them on how to utilize it. Please see the training resources listed to learn how the AEE works.