Complete your 1099’s in just four simple steps with FlexChecks 1099 Service.

  1.  Download our spreadsheet template and enter your data by clicking HERE.
  2.  Send us your file using our secure email by clicking HERE.
  3.  Receive confirmation that we have received your file(s) and when you can expect your 1099’s.
  4.  FlexChecks electronically files your 1099’s with federal and state governments, then mails the original 1099 directly to the recipient(s).  You are sent a PDF copy for your records.
Pricing for 1099’s for 2021:
$45.00 Base Fee
$7.95 Per 1099 

Download our spreadsheet and enter your data by clicking HERE.

Send us the file through our secure email service Hightail by clicking HERE.

You will receive email confirmation that your 1099 information has been received and is being processed.

FlexChecks will file to the federal government, applicable state agency and mail copies to your recipients. You will receive a copy of the forms from our secure email service, Hightail. The file will be password protected because it contains sensitive information. The password will be your EIN (Employer Identification Number). The secure email will expire after 14 days.