Whether you oversee a large corporation, a mid-size business with multiple locations, or you have an organization with fewer than 50 employees, finding full-service HR services poses unique challenges for leadership and management teams. FlexChecks offers custom HR services with 24/7 support, based on your company’s goals, organizational structure, and other factors that call for a truly customized human resource management system that will enable internal productivity, growth and employee satisfaction. 

Finding the Right HR Company Allows Your Team to Thrive

 One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is to assume that all HR services offer the same level of value. However, HR companies differ and partnering with the right one that truly understands your needs and how to deliver an ideal solution will help your team prosper, and facilitate internal growth and productivity goals. 

 Administrative responsibilities can burden any company. Many businesses have limited time and resources and make the mistake of trying to run their own HR department while, consequently, diverting attention away from core business components. Outsourcing the right HR company reduces administrative workloads and provides essential breathing room for businesses to focus on critical business objectives. For more than 20 years FlexChecks has been recognized by hundreds of businesses as the top HR company offering custom solutions for human resource technology platforms, document storage, internal communication, employee onboarding, personnel termination, income tax filings, benefits administration, and following legal protocol throughout all HR services rendered. 

How to Find the Best HR Outsourcing Services

 Behind every successful mid-size business and large organization that hits year-over-year growth goals is a veteran provider offering the best HR outsourcing services any company could hope to invest in. Knowing that you need HR outsourcing services is generally an easy thing to identify within a single year of analyzing business growth and internal productivity data. However, finding the right company that offers the best HR outsourcing services can be challenging, as many leadership teams aren’t too clear as to their own needs for such a partnership. 

 When making your short list of companies that outsource HR services, look for providers that offer the following: 

  • HR company that understands your business inside and out, and provides needs-based solutions aligned with internal growth and productivity goals. 

  • A company that offers HR solutions with personality and cognitive tests, along with skills-based assessments that will land you the most qualified candidates. 

  • Optional consulting services that help businesses engineer robust recruiting strategies, for any position, at any growth stage, in any department. 

  • A strong applicant tracking program that offers detailed touch points with ongoing monitoring. 

  • State-of-the-art technology capable of integrating with your current platforms with 24/7 support and accessibility. 

  • A provider that seeks a genuine partnership in mutual growth.


When you are able to locate an HR outsourcing service provider that checks off each of the above points, your company will be in the best possible situation to grow and thrive within a cost-effective and productive framework. 

Contact FlexChecks today, and learn how our HR services can streamline and empower your organization to collectively grow, in every department, while enhancing productivity and internal alignment.


Human Resource Management

Everything you need to manage your employees from Hire to Retire.

Employee Communication Tools

Customize Employee Self Service with messages. Send mass email to all employees or create eligibility groups for targeted groups. Get electronic sign-offs on new documents or policies.

Employee Document Storage

Store any and all employee documents. Allow supervisors/managers to access. Allow employee access with view or manage abilities, or hide documents. Control access to each document.

Get Rid of Spreadsheets

Track everything employee related, including Certifications, Education, Skills, Training, Awards, Corrective Actions, Assets, OSHA Incidents, Prior Employment, Dependents, Beneficiaries, Notes, Performance Review.

Your Employee's Story

Our system tells your employee's story by providing history of their salary, jobs, time off, supervisors, and managers. In addition - need a field specific to your industry - you can create as many as you need!

Our Services

Payroll Services

You have enough to worry about right now. Getting your employees paid efficiently, accurately, and on-time shouldn't be one of them.

HR Management

By bringing the essential functions of payroll and HR together, you simplify your people management. Manage your workforce from Hire to Retire.

Applicant Tracking

Competition to your company pops up everywhere, every day. Streamline your hiring process so you can hire the right people, FAST!


Expand and improve your onboarding process, while connecting your new employees in an engaging and positive manner. Offboard electronically so every step is completed.

Time & Attendance

Our time solutions are completely native to the payroll system so you don't import or export time cards ever again.

Benefits Administration

Empower your employees by allowing them to enroll for benefits online, giving them complete access to their option

Flex Plan Administration

FSA plans are the only benefit you can offer that actually saves both, your employees and your company money.


Learning Management System, Engage and Perform, Payroll Options, and HR Options. Everything you need!