You have enough to worry about right now.  Getting your employees paid efficiently, accurately, and on-time shouldn’t be one of them.

Technology that Transforms Business

You need to produce more work with less staff. Our platform integrates payroll with HR, time & attendance, benefits and more to increase efficiency. No syncing or linking - everything is in one database.

Robust Employee Self Service

Give employees the power to maintain their own data. With our ESS you can allow payroll and HR data to be hidden, viewed, or edited. Add workflow so you know what has been updated between payrolls.

Client C.A.R.E. Teams

Clients Are The Reason we are Employed! At FlexChecks, you work with your CARE Team Leader, but you also have a Team Member who knows you and your business. Connect directly with your Team member by phone, text, or fax.

Streamline your Processes

Enter or import payroll, review, then submit. Your reports and exports are available within one minute. Then, simply import the payroll data to QuickBooks or any other accounting software. Simple!

Payroll Services for Businesses

If you are a mid-size or large business, finding the best payroll services is critical if you are to achieve consistent growth. Since the dawn of modern business practices, payroll has been one of the most complex components to running a business. Organizations need to make sure that all employees are paid with 100% accuracy, and that any calculations relevant to benefits, taxes and other elements related to compensation are respected without error. 

According to a Quora Report, roughly one-third of mid-sized businesses were fined by the IRS in 2019 due to payroll errors. Now consider the fact that more than 80 percent of mid-size and large businesses work with remote staff, independent contractors and freelancers making payroll even more complex with added room for oversights. This is why finding a good payroll services provider for busines is more important than ever before, and for more than two decades FlexChecks has been offering the best payroll services in the industry to a wide variety of businesses across multiple sectors, of various sizes. 

Technology for Modern Payroll Services

Modern payroll services are evolving to accommodate the fact that more people are working remotely, and external sources are being outsourced and utilized to execute tasks and services. Having a robust technology solution for payroll services will help to eliminate errors, enhance internal efficiency, and foster a better collaborative space. 

FlexChecks understands that businesses need to churn out more work with less manpower. Based on this need we created a comprehensive payroll technology platform that integrated HR, payroll, time and attendance, and benefits into one place to maximize efficiency. Now companies don’t need to worry about integrating their platform with an external payroll technology solution, as FlexChecks has engineered a solution where everything is in one convenient place. 

Your Payroll Solution with Employee Self Service

Most businesses seeking payroll services want a solution that gives their employees some independence. FlexCkecks understands this need very well and it is why we offer an ESS that gives employees the ability to maintain their own data. With our payroll services HR data and pay checks can be edited, viewed or hidden, and a custom workflow can be added to let management and employees know what information has been updated in between payments. 

The Best Payroll Companies Streamline Your Process

When looking for a payroll company, be sure to understand how they will help you streamline your process. FlexChecks gives businesses the ability to import payroll data, submit the information, and perform a thorough review. Exports and reports become available in less than 60 seconds. The best thing about these payroll services is that all one has to do is import the data to the accounting software. Now you have effectively saved hours of work while freeing up internal manpower to focus on other critical areas of the business. 

Remember, the best payroll services streamline and simplify the process of paying employees by giving HR the tools they need to stay abreast to taxes, and by automating time-consuming tasks to ensure things like paid time off, benefit packages, paid incentives, and other factors are delivered without delay, and with flawless ease. Choosing the right payroll services will enable organizations to invest in the best solution that will not only delight employees, and simplify internal operations to garner greater efficiency and cost-saving action items. 

Call FlexChecks Today for Custom Payroll Services

Take charge of your mission to hit your company’s growth goals; call FlexChecks and learn why we offer the best payroll services for mid-size and large businesses. We form close partnerships with all of our clients as we carve out the best custom payroll services that will delight employees, streamline an organization’s process, and free up time for HR and administration. 

Our Services

Payroll Services

You have enough to worry about right now. Getting your employees paid efficiently, accurately, and on-time shouldn't be one of them.

HR Management

By bringing the essential functions of payroll and HR together, you simplify your people management. Manage your workforce from Hire to Retire.

Applicant Tracking

Competition to your company pops up everywhere, every day. Streamline your hiring process so you can hire the right people, FAST!


Expand and improve your onboarding process, while connecting your new employees in an engaging and positive manner. Offboard electronically so every step is completed.

Time & Attendance

Our time solutions are completely native to the payroll system so you don't import or export time cards ever again.

Benefits Administration

Empower your employees by allowing them to enroll for benefits online, giving them complete access to their option

Flex Plan Administration

FSA plans are the only benefit you can offer that actually saves both, your employees and your company money.


Learning Management System, Engage and Perform, Payroll Options, and HR Options. Everything you need!