Time, Attendance, and Scheduling

Our time solutions are completely native to the payroll system so you don’t import or export time cards ever again.

Clock Options

Choose from wall clocks, web clocks, kiosks, mobile devices, cards, proximity-badges, bar codes or biometric clocks. Even add a "geo-fence" that only allows punches within a certain radius of your office. Any way you need to collect time data is available to you.

Easily Manage the Process

Allocate labor by job, location, or any other metric. Easily add, edit or delete punches quickly. Manage breaks and meals policies, Customize alerts that tell you when employees come in early, leave late, or are close to overtime pay. Customize overtime rules.

Manage Time Off Requests

Employees can request time off right from their phone. Employers, supervisors, or managers can approve or deny requests instantly and approved time off is automatically applied to the payroll.

Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling with quick access to time-and-attendance makes scheduling more efficient.
Easily communicate shifts and schedules with employees from the palm of your hand.

Our Services

Payroll Services

You have enough to worry about right now. Getting your employees paid efficiently, accurately, and on-time shouldn't be one of them.

HR Management

By bringing the essential functions of payroll and HR together, you simplify your people management. Manage your workforce from Hire to Retire.

Applicant Tracking

Competition to your company pops up everywhere, every day. Streamline your hiring process so you can hire the right people, FAST!


Expand and improve your onboarding process, while connecting your new employees in an engaging and positive manner. Offboard electronically so every step is completed.

Time & Attendance

Our time solutions are completely native to the payroll system so you don't import or export time cards ever again.

Benefits Administration

Empower your employees by allowing them to enroll for benefits online, giving them complete access to their option

Flex Plan Administration

FSA plans are the only benefit you can offer that actually saves both, your employees and your company money.


Learning Management System, Engage and Perform, Payroll Options, and HR Options. Everything you need!