Applicant Tracking

Streamline your hiring process so you can hire the right people, FAST!

Effective Job Posting

With our automated job-board posting feature, you can post on any job site. We repost your job every day so it stays on the top of the list, which makes your job posts more visible. Easily create unlimited job description templates for easy reposting.

Attract Better Candidates

Build a hiring workflow that fits your company, then rate your candidates to move them through he process efficiently. Create custom questions to identify the most eligible candidates.

Reduce Time to Hire

More than 60% of applicants will start an online application but leave without finishing. With our system you can seamlessly communicate with potential candidates and improve the applicant experience.

Collaborate Across Teams

Easily document the hire process and automatically share information with co-workers. Manage all documentation and increase data consistency and avoid bottlenecks.

Most HR departments think they know everything there is to know about applicant tracking systems. Most companies think that the first obstacle to getting a qualified job interview revolves around the recruiter’s judgement, and for this reason they are not seeing the entire picture, which winds up costing them time, resources and money. Finding the right payroll company offering the best applicant tracking system is critical to your growth, as 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies, as well as an increasing number of small and mid-size businesses, are investing in an innovative applicant tracking system designed to meet their ever-evolving needs in hiring. 


The right applicant tracking system (ATS) enables businesses to:


  • Achieve effective job postings

  • Reduce the timeframe to hire

  • Attract better, more qualified candidates

  • Collaborate across teams


For more than 20 years, FlexChecks has been on the cutting edge of technology, science, and business intelligence to offer growing companies the right applicant tracking system designed to find the best candidates in the industry, put the right people in the right seats, and save HR departments a plethora of time, manpower and resources by streamlining the hiring process.


What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software platform for human resources that functions as a database for job applicants. Applicant tracking systems are used by multi-sized companies, in many industries, to communicate with, search, and organize with massive pools of applicants. Applicant tracking systems share one primary goal: to make life easier for hiring managers, recruiters, and human resources departments. 


Many companies hire for multiple positions at once, and when this happens hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications and resumes come in at once. Hiring managers and recruiters simply don’t have the ability to handle such a hectic volume, and this means that good candidates can slip through the cracks and wind up with competitors, and it also puts a tremendous amount of stress on recruiters and HR managers while impacting their ability to be successful in their roles. The best applicant tracking system can either be fully automated, or designed to work with a team member while making the process significantly easier on HR teams while giving the hiring company access to the best applicants without running the risk of missing out on talent or hemoraging internal time and resources. 


How do Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

Applicant tracking systems work similarly, but some work better than others and have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. However, regardless of this, an ATS will likely have some predetermined questions with check boxes to help hiring managers narrow the applicant pool. If the applicant answers any of these questions in an unsatisfactory manner, the applicant’s resume will either be auto-rejected by the applicant teaching system, or flagged with high level information that will help HR managers make the right coices for their organization. In addition, the best applicant tracking systems store and parse resume details in a manner that make sit easy for employers to filter candidates based on keywords. 


Applicant tracking systems also help employers salvage great prospects that could otherwise be lost due to incomplete online applications. Studies reveal that more than 60% of candidates who fill out online applications fail to actually complete the proess. As a result, companies miss some key opportunities to find valuable new talent. FlexChecks offers an innovative applicant tracking system that enables hiring managers to communicate with these potential candidates in a seamless manner while improving the applicant experience and reducing the time to hire thus saving their organization significant resources and time that can be re-directed into other functions of the company. 


Applicant tracking systems also accommodate those hiring managers that insist on glancing at every application that comes in. Most review the applicant’s past job titles, the companies they worked for, and their outlines achievements. In fact, most hiring managers can determine in five seconds whether or not they wish to have a conversation with a candidate based on scanning these points. However, just because an applicant is an ideal fit doesn’t mean they are good at building their resume, and in this case good talent can be missed. The best applicant tracking systems, like the solutions provided by FlexChecks, automatically reads and pulls this critical criteria, no matter when it is highlighted in the resumes, and organizes the data for hiring managers to easily access and scan with an increased chance in finding the best candidates.


Invest in an Applicant Tracking System that Fosters Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies going into 2021 is the ability to easily collaborate with multiple team members during hiring periods, especially now that more people are working remotely and considering that most companies will continue to let their employees work from home even after most people have been vaccinated. FlexChecks has prepared for this by engineering ATS options that make cross-team collaboration seamless. With the right applicant tracking system hiring managers can document the hire process and easily share all information with any and all co-workers necessary. In this regard an applicant tracking system will help companies avoid bottlenecks in the process, and increase data consistency.

Call FlexChecks for a Free Demo and Consultation for the Best Applicant Tracking System

For more than two decades FlexChecks has been streamlining the best applicant tracking system to meet the needs of their individual clients. Discover how you can attract better applicants, effectively post jobs, improve cross-department collaboration, reduce time to hire, and boost internal effectiveness by creating platform features that allow HR personnel to achieve tasks more accurately, quickly, and with no error. A FlexCheccks ATS can be a hiring manager’s greatest ally. Call today and discover how our applicant tracking system can be the greatest investment your company will make this year.

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