Q. How do I access my paystub and W-2 the first time?


Be sure your pop-up blocker is turned OFF, then go to http://www.flexchecks.com. Click on Login/Connect. Choose “My Paystub”.

Have either a paystub or the following information ready:

o Your employer’s Flexchecks client code

o The date and net pay from a previous pay period.

NOTE: If you are a tipped employee, be sure to add the total tips to your net amount pay amount for the pay period you are choosing.

NOTE: If you received a non-taxcable reimbursement, subtract that amount from the net pay for the pay period you are choosing.

To create your log-in ID and password, click the red “create login” located under the login box. Click “continue”. Follow the instructions inputting the requested information.

Q. What if I forgot my login name?


For security purposes, if you forgot your Login Name you must create a new login. Please see “How do I access my paystub and W-2 for the first time?”

Q. What if I forgot my password?


Simply click the “Forgot Password” on the login page. You will need to enter your Employer ID (this is the FlexChecks Client ID) and your Login Name.

If you have attempted to login three times and been unsuccessful, for security purposes you will need to create a new login. See FAQ #1.