Our Performance Guarantee

At FlexChecks, we differentiate our payroll solutions by the quality of our services AND the quality of our people. We spend a great deal of time and resources screening and hiring top people to make your experience with us even better. In fact, our operations staff averages more than 4 years with FlexChecks and 10+ years of payroll experience.

By design, our forward-thinking hiring process and our experienced staff allows us to give you a premier payroll service. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself by talking with our staff, our clients and the accounting professionals who recommend us.

FlexChecks Guarantee

We C.A.R.E(Clients Are the Reason we are Employed)

and we GUARANTEE you will be happy!

Here’s what we promise:

1.That you will have a stress-free experience on your first payroll and everyone after that.

2.We won’t miss your payroll,nor will  we be late(we’ve  been doing this for

19 years and haven’t missed or been late on a single payroll).

3.your payroll will be computed accurately.If we have questions,we won’t just run it hoping for the best,we will call you.

4. you will not incur tax penalties,as long as tax funds properly clear your account.

5.We will return your calls/emails promptly (within an hour on the day you are expected to submit your payroll and within one business day at all other times).

If we don’t keep our promise ,we will refund our fee..GUARANTEED!